Staged Fused Claptons (2 sets) - By Builders Best Coils

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Regulated Specs-           Unreg. Specs-
-2x26g ka1                       - 2x26g n80
-40g n80                           - 40g n80
   Para                                    Para
-24g ka1                           - 24g n80
-6 wrap 3mmid               -6 wrap 3mmid
-,1 - 1.3 ohms                    - .08 - .11 ohms
- All Coil Society wire.
- A simple upgrade from the tried and true fused claptons. These are wrapped with 24g alongside or "paralleled" with a fused clapton. The round wire ramps first followed closely by the clapton thus creating staged heating. The two combined add a new depth to the already extremely flavorful and cloudy fused clapton. The only thing that could be better is more of them, and thats why we decided to include two sets. Enjoy this rowdy, cloudy, and super flavorful take on an old favorite.
- Versions available for both mechanical and regulated devices.
-All Builder's Best products are individually inspected from lead to lead to ensure perfection before a 3 stage cleaning process including ultrasonic cleaning.
- Please vape safely, have a working knowledge of ohms law, and practice battery safety!